Add a new Campaign

  1. Click on Campaigns in the navigation bar.
  2. Create new Campaign

Set a date

  1. Name your Campaign*
  2. Set a date for your Campaign

This Name is only visible to you.

Add new Overlay

  1. Click + New Overlay
  2. Upload your Icon Image (PNG with 360x360px)
  3. Image Overlay (Transparent PNG with 1224 x 1224 px) and
  4. Video Overlay (Transparent PNG with 1224 x 1224 px)
    Place your Logo centered 
  5. Set hashtag(s) that will appear together with posts posted to Social Media by all your invited users.
  6. Save your settings

Invite new User(s)

  1. Click +Invite User
  2. Copy the Invite Link
  3. Send it to users you like to use your campaigns.

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